If there’s something that truly excites us, it’s the knowledge that some things can last forever... That’s why, at Edesa, remaining with you from the day you choose us is our top priority.


Innovating to maintain the bond that has connected us and never letting you down involves offering new solutions with the idea of effectively addressing your needs and improving your quality of life. Thanks to this approach, we present our range of products for you to choose the ones that best suit you, your tastes and your needs. Also, with the highest-rated Customer Service by both users and distributors, we will always be by your side whenever you need us.


Because your peace of mind and satisfaction are our best rewards…




Edesa is a

It’s dynamism and creativity. It’s freshness in your home. Edesa is the brand for those seeking different options than the current offerings in the market. For those who believe that appliances are also part of the decoration of the home, in line with our personality and taste.

The values that distinguish the brand are proximity, complicity, new trends, lifestyles and creativity.



With over
80 years of experience and the enthusiasm of the first day


Edesa has been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of appliances for both home and business comfort since 1941. We have reached 83 years, but it’s not just a date on the calendar. It’s 83 years of experience, knowledge and uninterrupted service to our customers. 83 years that set us apart and make us understand your needs to continue being by your side for much longer. With renewed vitality and the desire to give our best, we launch a new range of Edesa appliances. We come to stay, maintaining our essence, with new projects and solutions for the home. We aim to be more competitive, more efficient and, above all, create appliances that adapt to the needs of the market. With innovative designs, offering features that the market demands, and capable of providing a better quality of life in your homes.




Committed to you

Edesa is dedicated to meeting customer needs by offering functional, effective, reliable and durable products. We want to be with you from the first day you choose us. We are committed to maintaining the bond that has connected us and working to sustain it, paying continuous attention to a society in constant motion.
Because your peace of mind and satisfaction are our best rewards.



EDESA services


Service network: speed and national coverage

With you everywhere

We understand that effectiveness and speed are two crucial factors when it comes to resolving customer enquiries or issues. Therefore, our Technical Assistance Service covers the entirety of Spain with 165 franchised Service Centres ready to assist you at any time.

Thanks to this, our technicians go wherever the customer is with the utmost speed and the necessary technology that allows them to connect online to the Data Centre, thus accessing all the necessary information to resolve the additional incident.


Franchised service centres whose quality is endorsed by the AENOR ISO 9001, 2008 Quality Management System Certificate.

Because wherever our customers are... we reach them.


We are here for whatever you need

At Edesa, we aim to make our customers’ daily lives easier, which is why we have a Customer Service available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

A team of highly qualified professionals handles requests for information about products or services, points of sale, enquiries, requests for product manuals or reports of breakdowns.

The service aims to resolve the incident over the phone as the first option or informs the technician so that they can go to you with comprehensive information, making it possible to solve the incident in a single visit and with the utmost efficiency.

And, because the customer is the most important, our staff is divided into geographical areas to assist you in your corresponding language.

Our greatest reward is the total satisfaction of our customers.

Solutions in less than 48 hours

Providing the quickest and most suitable solution to your claims is our top priority.

The proper handling and resolution of our customers’ incidents are our top priority. Therefore, all our staff follows a strict management process that begins with the reception of customer information.

After this initial phase, the solution to each incident is evaluated, analysed and investigated, and it is offered to the customer as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours.
Thus, once the resolution is effective, the file is closed, conducting a satisfaction survey that allows us to regularly analyse and evaluate our services.

A comprehensive service that allows us to demonstrate to our customers that their satisfaction comes first.

Once upon a time, EDESA

At Edesa, we have been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of household appliances since 1941. Since then, we have been pioneers and a national benchmark in innovation, design and quality.

1941 Founding of Edesa

Leading the Iberian market in the manufacturing and sale of household appliances (water heaters, braziers, burners and domestic stoves).


Launch of the first national compression refrigerator, holding the position of the best-selling leader for over 15 years.


Introduction of butane gas for domestic use in Spanish households, with Edesa entering the market with stoves adapted to the new fuel.


Launch of super-automatic washing machines and rectangular-type dryers, aligning with the structure of washing machines.


Initiation of dishwasher manufacturing and introduction of the freezer refrigerator to the market.


Edesa experiences a remarkable leap, moving from the 6th to the 4th position in the ranking of best-selling brands. This success is attributed to a product renewal effort that transformed its catalogue and increased sales in previously unexplored areas such as built-in appliances and dishwashers. Edesa is now cemented as a successful brand, focused on the Iberian market.


Pop, Sport, Romantic, Metallic and Escala collections.


Zen, Urban and Deluxe collections.


Home and Urban collections.


Integration into CNA Group.


Centralisation of CNA Group brands in the new offices in Madrid. A new stage in the life and image of Edesa.


After more than 80 years, we continue to be CLOSE TO YOU